Gabby Williams: DearBBall’s first ambassador

December 09, 2022 1 min read

Gabby Williams : La première ambassadrice de DearBBall

Gabby and her journey with the Seattle WNBA team 🇺🇸

After a few WNBA seasons spent in Chicago, Spooky headed to Seattle to take on a new challenge.

With a journey taking them to the semi-finals of the WNBA play-offs, Spooky and her teammates did not give up throughout the competition.
Along with Breanna Stewart and Ezi Magbegor, the trio allowed Seattle's defense to finish the 2022 season among the best in the WNBA.

Seattle's players will continue their quest for a record fifth WNBA championship next summer.

His personal stats & awards

Gabby played a vital role in the Seattle Storm's good season.
  • She finished the season as one of the best defenders in the league with a very impressive defensive rating.
  • Which allowed her to be rewarded by being selected in the second All Defensive Team!
  • In addition to her defensive contribution, she averaged 7.5 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists per game!

A collection full of style and originality

The Spooky collection from Seattle offers you many details that can be found on the different designs.

Like the Seattle Tower, an emblematic monument of the city that can be seen in particular on the franchise logo.
We also find in the background one of Spooky's passions, his tattoos, mixed with the legendary colors of the franchise: Green & Yellow

To be found in the store 😉