Ant-Man arrives as pack leader at DearBBall

November 22, 2022 1 min read

Ant-Man débarque en chef de meute chez DearBBall

Minnesota fan, has the time for a new victorious era arrived?

We inevitably think of a new story since Kevin Garnett and co. reached the conference finals in the 2000s, and this season may be the opportunity for Ant-Man and his team to repeat these performances!

A collection reflecting a new generation that is afraid of nothing, Ant-Man is the illustration. 

With his old school mentality, his confidence and his determination to explode the circle in any situation, he has become one of the most enjoyable players to watch!

And despite a family tragedy when he was younger, Ant-Man managed to reach the highest level and confirm himself during his 2 NBA seasons. It is this mental aspect that we also want to share at DearBBall, allowing ballers to represent their favorite players with style but also to share their personality and the emotions they transmit.

Do you know where his nickname comes from? 

This is actually a simple analogy between Anthony and Ant-Man assigned to him by his father when he was younger. 

A nickname that took on its full meaning as he impressed with superhuman performances, such as his 49 points scored at home against San Antonio (or his 36 points during his first play-off match in Memphis!)

And who says incredible performances, says Ant-Man collection! Here are some images :