The ReignMan, the man who reigned on the courts

January 11, 2023 2 min read

The ReignMan, l'homme qui a régné sur les parquets

Kemp, a player who left his mark in basketball history

The ReignMan is one of the most iconic basketball players in orange ball history. With his exceptional career and his powerful dunks, he was able to make a name for himself and become a legend of this sport but especially of Seattle.

From his big league debut with Seattle to his transfer to Cleveland 8 years later, The ReignMan made his mark on the city's history. Both on a statistical level where he holds the franchise record for offensive blocks and rebounds but also on a human level where he was known for his glamorous lifestyle. 

With his growing popularity, he has become a role model for many basketball fans around the world.

A ReignMan collection in the colors of Seattle seemed more than obvious as he has brought to this city.

But actually, where does “The ReignMAN” come from?

Reign ” like… Reign ! This nickname literally means "the man who dominates" and simply refers to the reign and domination that Kemp imposed on the courts of the big league.

The ReignMan reflects how Kemp was one of the best basketball players of his generation and dominated the game with his power, relaxation and aggressive style of play. He was known for his powerful and spectacular dunks, which earned him a reputation as a dominant player and allowed him to become an NBA legend.

All of these elements combined with his confident attitude helped give him his nickname "The Reignman" and made him an iconic player.

A complete list of winners... or almost:

The ReignMan has received numerous personal accolades during his professional career. The multiple All Star, including six selections in the All-Star Game between 93' and 98', however, never lifted the coveted champion trophy. 

Yet champion of the Western Conference in 96', he and his team failed at the gates of the final stage, losing 4-2 in the finals in Chicago.

Despite this failure, The ReignMan was part of the second best 5, 3 years in a row, notably in 96' where the title would have been a consecration for him.

Outside of the big league, Kemp also enjoyed success on the national team, winning gold at the 1994 world championship with the United States.

In summary, Shawn Kemp's record remains remarkable and reflects his place among the best basketball players of all time.

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