White Chocolate and the iconic elbow pass 🟣⚪

February 02, 2023 2 min read

White Chocolate et l'emblématique passe du coude 🟣⚪

The Legendes collections: “more than a memory”

The nostalgic editions continue!! After the success of “The ReignMan”, we reveal the next collection aka “White Chocolate”

At DearBBall, we have grown and developed our passion for the orange ball with the changing style of the NBA. And nowadays, it is true that there is no shortage of talent (Jaysmooth, the Joker, Nin-Ja, Spida, etc.), breaking records after records and offering highlights that are always more impressive than the others!

But because this sport has become what it is today, we want to honor these legends who have marked the history of basketball. Whether it's the idol of a generation like "The GOAT", a dominant player on the floor like "The ReignMan", or even spectacular dunks like those of "Vinsanity", many are those who have developed your admiration for this sport.

And today it's the turn of “White Chocolate” to appear among the Legends made in DearBBall for his streetball and showman side that he represented to perfection. Like his masterpiece of the pass with his elbow, we tell you more about his story just below:

The J-Will retrospective: a story filled with audacity and flamboyance

“White Chocolate” spent 13 years in the big leagues between 1998 and 2011 and notably won an NBA championship ring with Miami in 2006.
Beyond his title, J-Will has played for several franchises, such as Memphis and Orlando, but it is for these first years spent in Sacramento that the young player will make a place in the hearts of fans.

Named Rookie of the Year and selected for the All-Rookie First Team in 1998, he became known for his flashy and very creative (to say the least) style of play with daring passes, notably the famous elbow pass…

The elbow pass, an action that left its mark on basketball

DearBBall's advice : Take 30 seconds out of your day if you haven't seen this legendary elbow pass from "White Chocolate" during the Rookies match at the All Star Game or just remember it! A masterpiece in its purest form, between: incredible inspiration / technical prowess / legendary flow, everything is there for a movement that will forever remain in history!
It is still considered today as one of the most iconic passes in big league history.

The White Chocolate top 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8b0XbtpFsA

“White Chocolate” An iconic American nickname 🍫

J-Will quickly became nicknamed "White Chocolate" due to his daring accomplishments and ability to land difficult shots with ease. A showman style of play which at the time was reminiscent of that of an African-American player, often associated with this “chocolate” image. An image reworked by one of these teammates during his university years, adapting it to the profile of the young white player to give one of the most striking nicknames in the league.

J-Will loved the nickname and adopted it in his first year professionally, even recently using it as a stage name for his participation in charity basketball games.